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Welcome to Awa Melone’s site, we hope you enjoy her music and singing. Awa BAKAYOKO, aka Awa Melone, is a pretty and talented wold renowned singer, who started her career in the 1990’s as a back-up singer for the Ivory Coast musicians of Beta Simon, Tiken Jah Fakoly and Fadal Day. In Burkina Faso, where she moved to, she sang with and was influenced by the great Burkina Faso musicians of Georges OUEDRAOGO, Bil Aka Kora, Solo Dja Kabako, Alif Naaba, Zedess, Issouf COMPAORE, and others.

After these experiences she produced her solo album entitled “Plus d’amour” that she recorded live at the Seydoni Burkina studio in 2007. Arranged by Alain Nyamé, this opus was mixed and mastered at Tax 52 in the United States of America.

After enchanting us for 10 years with her suave and sublime voice, Awa Melone has retuned to the forefront of the music scene with her latest album “Tama”. This generous album has 10 songs, a real gem of gentle love and caring.


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Radio Interview on Ouaga FM #Cest_A_Nous with Willy Pascal, June 8, 2017. Visit from Kiswendsida Koala organizer for FONY (Festival Ouaga New York) on June 8, 2017 during Awa Melone and her band’s rehearsal session. His visit was a great encouragement to the musicians and an opportunity for Mr. Koala to discover Awa’s new album.   … Continue reading Interviews


Awa BAKAYOKO, alias Awa Melone, est une belle et talentueuse artiste chanteuse, révélée au monde des la musique dans les années 1990. Elle fait ses premières armes en tant que choriste de stars del la musique ivoirienne: Beta Simon, Tiken Jan Fakoly et Fadal Dey. Au Burkina Faso où elle s’installe plus tard, elle consolide … Continue reading Français

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